Belgium–France relations

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Belgium–France relations
Map indicating locations of Belgium and France



Belgium–France relations refer to interstate relations between Belgium and France. Relations were established after the independence of Belgium. Both nations are great allies. Both nations have cultural similarities, both governments cooperate, and Belgium has an embassy in Paris, while France has an embassy in Brussels. Both nations are members of NATO and the Francophonie and both were founding members of the European Union.


State visits[edit]

In May 2007, French President Nicolas Sarkozy visited Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt.[1]

In February 2008, Prime Minister Verhofstadt visited President Sarkozy.[2]

Economic cooperation[edit]

In 2007, French president Sarkozy and Belgian Prime Minister Verhofstadt called for the euro zone to have an economic government.[3]

In September 2008, the French government acted with the Belgian government and with other stakeholders to grant Franco-Belgian bank Dexia a €6.4 billion bailout.[4]


The two countries signed a trade agreement in 1934.[5]

In 1997, French and Belgian defence ministers Alain Richard and Jean-Paul Poncelet signed an agreement providing for Belgium's use of the French armed forces' Syracuse communication satellite system.[6]

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