Belgium–India relations

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Belgium–India relations
Map indicating locations of Belgium and India



Belgium–India relations refers to the bilateral ties between the Republic of India and the Kingdom of Belgium. India's Embassy in Brussels was opened in 1948. Belgium's embassy in New Delhi was opened in 1947. Its current complex, built in 1984, is an architectural marvel designed by Satish Gujral.

Belgium being India's eight largest trading partner as of 2009, accounting for trade of nearly ₹ 41,552 crore.[1] India and Belgium share the common value of "democracy, pluralism and rule of law" and Belgium has supported the G4 nations.[2] The former deputy Prime Minister of Belgium Steven Vanackere had said that "slowly but surely" India was getting its "rightful place in global governance". He reiterated that Belgium "unequivocally" reconfirmed its support for India's bid for a permanent seat in the enlarged UN Security Council.[3]

Bilateral trade[edit]

Indian PM Narendra Modi with Belgian PM Charles Michel, Brussels, 2016

India and Belgium have strong trading links, with India being the second largest importer of and fifth largest exporter to Belgian products.[4] In 2008, The Government of India spoke about how Belgium and India were "partners in a globalised world".[5]


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