Belgium Roller Hockey League

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Belgium Roller Hockey League
SportRoller Hockey
No. of teams4
CountryBelgium Belgium

The Belgium Roller Hockey League was the biggest Roller Hockey Championship in Belgium. The last edition took place in 1999. The Belgium clubs have taking part in the Dutch NRBB (Dutch Roller Hockey League).

List of Winners[1][edit]

Year Champion
1999 Modern
1952 RH Knokke
1948 RHC Klopstokia
1946 RHC Klopstokia
1945 RHC Klopstokia
1943 RHC Klopstokia
1942 RHC Klopstokia
1941 RHC Klopstokia

Number of Men's Senior Championships by Region[edit]

Team Championships
RHC Klopstokia 6
Modern 1
RH Knokke 1


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