Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 1962

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Eurovision Song Contest 1962
Country Belgium
National selection
Selection processEurosong
Selection date(s)19 February 1962
Selected entrantFud Leclerc
Selected song"Ton nom"
Finals performance
Final result13th=, 0 points
Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Belgium was represented by Fud Leclerc, with the song '"Ton nom", at the 1962 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 18 March in Luxembourg City. The song was chosen in the Belgian national final on 19 February. This was Leclerc's fourth time at Eurovision, and he still shares the record (with Lys Assia, Elisabeth Andreassen and Peter, Sue & Marc) for the most Eurovision appearances as a main performer. "Ton nom" has also gone down in history as the first Eurovision performance ever to score the infamous nul-points.


The venue and host of the national final are currently unknown. Five songs participated and the winner was chosen by a 10-member jury. It is not known whether a full ranking of the songs was released.[1]

19 February 1962
Draw Artist Song Place
1 Fud Leclerc "Ton nom" 1
2 Robert-Charles Lanson "Toi, mon copain" -
3 Any Godet "Hambourg" -
4 Ferry Devos "N'oublie jamais" -
5 Eric Channe "Toi, la femme" -

At Eurovision[edit]

On the night of the final Leclerc performed second in the running order, following Finland and preceding Spain. Voting was by each national jury awarding 3, 2 and 1 point(s) to their top three songs, and at the close of the voting "Ton nom" had failed to register any points, placing Belgium joint last with three other zero points entries from Austria, the Netherlands and Spain. This was the second consecutive year in which Belgium finished the evening at the foot of the scoreboard. The Belgian jury awarded its 3 points to Luxembourg.[2]

1962 was the first contest in which any entry had failed to score, and although four countries shared the ignominy, Leclerc is usually awarded the dubious accolade of being the first ever Eurovision nul-pointer, due to "Ton nom" having been performed earliest of the four in the running order.

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