Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 1991

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Eurovision Song Contest 1991
Country Belgium
National selection
Selection processChosen by the performers
Selection date(s)9 March 1991
Selected entrantClouseau
Selected song"Geef het op"
Finals performance
Final result16th, 23 points
Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Belgium was represented by the band Clouseau, with the song '"Geef het op", at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Rome on 4 May. Clouseau were chosen internally by broadcaster BRTN to be that year's Belgian representatives.

Song presentation[edit]

On 9 March, during a live broadcast called Euro-Clouseau hosted by Jessica de Caluwe from the Casino Cursaal in Ostend, Clouseau performed a number of songs, three of which ("Geef het op", "Hilda" and "Ik kan zonder jou") were new. The band made their own choice from the three songs and announced "Geef het op" as the song they would perform in Rome.[1]

At Eurovision[edit]

On the night of the final Clouseau performed 18th in the running order, following Germany and preceding Spain. At the close of the voting "Geef het op" had received 23 points from seven countries (the highest being 5 from France and Italy), placing Belgium 16th out of 22 entries. The Belgian jury awarded its 12 points to Switzerland.[2]

Points awarded by Belgium[edit]

12 points   Switzerland
10 points  Sweden
8 points  Israel
7 points  France
6 points  Spain
5 points  Ireland
4 points  Malta
3 points  United Kingdom
2 points  Luxembourg
1 point  Greece

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