Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004

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Eurovision Song Contest 2004
Country  Belgium
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) Semifinals
18 January 2004
25 January 2004
1 February 2004
8 February 2004
15 February 2004
Selected entrant Xandee
Selected song "1 Life"
Finals performance
Final result 22nd, 7 points
Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Belgium was represented by Xandee and the song "1 Life". VRT's (Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep, the Flemish broadcaster) organized the Belgian National Final 'Eurosong 2004', which took place on February 15, 2004. Four preselection programmes were produced and broadcast on 18th and 25 January and 1st and 8 February 2004. All five programmes were broadcast from Studio 100 in Schelle and were hosted by Bart Peeters. The automatic favourite "1 Life" triumphed throughout the competition, which included a performance from Barbara Dex who came in last for Belgium at Eurovision 1993.

Before Eurovision, Belgium was considered the favourite to win the whole competition and received a good amount of pre-contest promotion. Xandee even sang the song in a Turkish version for a visit to Istanbul. However, the performance was considered by many as poor and flat, which may have led to a complete fail during the voting procedure. Xandee reproduced her Eurosong performance with a few minor changes, but it didn't seem to help as she only managed 22nd place with 7 points.

No. Song Singer Points Place
1 Television Game Roxane 20 5th
2 One Life Barbara Dex & Alides Hidding 30 3rd
3 Amorè loco Elsie Moraïs 26 4th
4 Don't Stop the Music Astrid 8 7th
5 1 Life Xandee 50 1st
6 Chemistry Raf van Brussel 14 6th
7 Higher Than the Sun Natalia 38 2nd

At Eurovision[edit]

Points Awarded by Belgium[1][edit]