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This article summarizes the outcomes of all official matches played by the Belgium national football team by opponent and by decade, since they first played in official competitions in 1904.

Record per opponent[edit]

Match frequency of Belgium against opponents worldwide (23 June 2018)

The following table shows Belgium's all-time international record per opponent. It excludes any unofficial matches.

Note: countries considered as a continuity by the FIFA are put in italics. Their statistics are in fact composed of multiple countries that are also included separately.

Last updated: Belgium vs Switzerland, 18 November 2018. Statistics include official FIFA-recognised matches only.[B]

Results in chronological order[edit]

The summarizing tables below show Belgium's official matches per decade. More extensive reports (with dates, scores, goal scorers and match circumstances) can be found on the main articles per decade. This detailed information is currently available only for the 1900s, 1910s, and 1980s onward.


19 matches played:


28 matches played:


61 matches played:


70 matches played:


29 matches played:


70 matches played:


68 matches played:


57 matches played:


84 matches played:


89 matches played:


98 matches played:


105 matches played (as of 11 June 2019):


  1. ^ According to the "three points for a win" standard
  2. ^ Note that the friendlies against Romania on 14 November 2012 and against Luxembourg on 26 May 2014 are not FIFA-recognised due to an excessive number of substitutions according to the Laws of the Game.[1] The Belgian and Czech football federations were too late in asking that the match against Czech Republic on 5 June 2017 would be official.[2]


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