Banate of Belgrade

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Banate of Belgrade
banate of the Kingdom of Hungary
Despot of Serbia.png
Location of Banate of Belgrade
Banate of Belgrade in 1490
 •  Established 1430
 •  Disestablished 1521
Today part of Serbia

The Banate of Belgrade (Serbian: Београдска бановина/Beogradska banovina, Hungarian: Nándorfehérvári bánság) was a frontier province of the medieval Kingdom of Hungary with a role in the anti-Ottoman defensive system.


Prior to 1430, Belgrade had been the capital of the Serbian Despotate. After Serbian despot Stefan Lazarević died in 1427, his successor Đurađ Branković was forced to transfer Belgrade to the Kingdom of Hungary and to move his capital to Smederevo.


A frontier province was organized out of the transferred areas of Belgrade, which became a banate. In 1456, the Ottoman army tried to conquer Belgrade, but failed. After the annexation of the Serbian Despotate by the Ottomans in 1459, the Ottoman Empire became a direct neighbor of the Banate of Belgrade. Some of the territories of the former Serbian Despotate were also temporarily incorporated into the Banate of Belgrade, but were subsequently conquered by the Ottomans.

Finally, in 1521, the Ottoman army conquered Belgrade, which also marked the end of the Banate of Belgrade. The region was subsequently incorporated into the Ottoman Sanjak of Smederevo.

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