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Glavnjača prison, headquarters of the Belgrade City Administration, 1930s

Belgrade City Administration (Serbian: Управа града Београда or Uprava grada Beograda) was an administrative-security institution in Belgrade from 1839 to 1944. For most of that time, its headquarters was located in the notorious Glavnjača prison, on the present-day site of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Chemistry, on Students Square.

From the mid-19th century until the mid-20th century, Belgrade was governed by two levels of authority - Belgrade City Administration as holder of police and administrative state authority, and Belgrade City Municipality as holder of local self-government. In 1944, Belgrade City Administration was abolished after a different administrative organization was established in Belgrade.

Kingdom of Yugoslavia[edit]

Belgrade City Administration in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1931

When the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was divided into banovinas in 1929, a separate administrative-territorial unit called the Belgrade City Administration was formed, encompassing the City of Belgrade with surrounding area, including Zemun and Pančevo. This territory was entirely surrounded by Danube Banovina, which had administrative seat in Novi Sad. Following Axis invasion, occupation and partition of Yugoslavia in 1941, the Belgrade City Administration continued to exist as an administrative-territorial unit of the Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia until the end of 1941, when Serbia was divided into districts in a new territorial organization.


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