Belgrade International Theatre Festival

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Belgrade International Theatre Festival
BITEF teatar.jpg
Location(s) Belgrade, Serbia
Selector Ivan Medenica
Foundation 1967
Founded by Mira Trailović, Jovan Ćirilov
Date(s) September

The Belgrade International Theatre Festival (BITEF) is a theatre festival that takes place annually in Belgrade, Serbia.

Founded in 1967, BITEF has continually followed and supported the latest theatre trends.[1] It has become one of the most significant culture festivals of Serbia.[citation needed]

During the 1960s, the founders of this festival (Mira Trailović, Jovan Ćirilov and their associates) courageously followed tumultuous events in global theatre teeming with avant-garde explorations.[citation needed] In the 1980s, BITEF showed Belgrade the highest reaches of the art of theatre, thus becoming one of the few festivals comprising both experimental forms and significant classic achievements.[citation needed] In spite of political-economic crisis and embargo, in the final decade of the 20th century, BITEF, thanks to the help of international culture centres, government and non-government organizations, managed to keep abreast with the rest of world, through promotion of new theatre trends and ultimate theatre values.

In 1999, BITEF was awarded a Special Prize Premio Europa Per Il Teatro, Taormina arte.[citation needed] BITEF was the first international theatre festival to receive an award from Premio Europa.[citation needed]


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