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Dom omladine Beograda in April 2007, before reconstruction.

Belgrade Youth Center, or Dom omladine Beograda (DOB), is a cultural center in Belgrade, Serbia, dedicated primarily to youth.[1]


DOB organizes numerous programs in the area of modern art and culture, as well as educational-debate programs: around a thousand different programs per year, visited by over 180,000 youths.[citation needed] It aims to encompass all art forms: prose, poetry, music, theatre, film, visual arts, new media and others.[citation needed]

The Center was founded in 1964[2] under the auspices of the Secretariate of Culture of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade.[citation needed] The Assembly provides the main funds for the center.

Belgrade Youth Center functions as a platform for promoting new artists, ideas and initiatives.[2] Additionally, Belgrade Youth Center is a meeting point for domestic and foreign artists. DOB is a member of local, regional and international cultural networks.


DOB's activities are organized in five centers:[citation needed]

  • Center of Music Development,
  • Center of Visual Arts and Multimedia,
  • Center of Education and Interactive Communication,
  • Center of Publishing, and
  • Laboratory of Initiatives – Art & creativity unlimited.


Dom omladine is located in the center of Belgrade, near the Republic Square. For its programs, it maintains:[citation needed]

  • Big hall (520 sitting places or 1200 standing places),
  • Americana Hall (300 sitting places or 800 standing places),
  • Club (100 sitting places or 300 standing places),
  • Art Gallery,[2]
  • Debate room (60 sitting places), and
  • American Corner.

Separate from this building, DOB also has the Magacin on Kraljevića Marka Street, a former warehouse near the city center with over 5,000 square meters of available space.[citation needed]


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