Belianís de Grecia

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Deteriorated design: early 18th-century chapbook edition of The Honour of Chivalry, first published in English in 1598.

Belianis of Greece is the eponymous hero of a Castilian chivalric romance novel, following in the footsteps of the influential Amadis de Gaula. An English abridgement of this novel was published in 1673. It is best known today because it was one of the books spared during the expurgation of Don Quixote's library in Chapter 6 of Part I of Don Quixote.

This book was known by the English man of letters Samuel Johnson; see Eithne Henson, “The Fictions of Romantick Chivalry”: Samuel Johnson and Romance, London and Toronto 1992, and John Hardy, "Johnson and Don Bellianis [sic]," Review of English Studies, new series, vol. 17 (1966), pp. 297–299.

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