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The Assembly of Believers' Church In India (also known as ABC in India) is a neocharismatic[1] Episcopal denomination in India, rooted in the Saint Thomas Christian tradition and history of Christianity in India. It was established in 1973 by Rev. Bishop Augustus Anthony and now contains more than 450 churches with around 40000 members.[2] [3]

Assembly of Believers' Church in India is not to be confused with Believers Church, a separate church entity in Asia.


There is a proposal to unite with Church of India, comprising following churches:

  1. Orthodox Catholic Church (India)
  2. Church of South India
  3. Church of North India
  4. St. Thomas Evangelical Church
  5. Believers Church, of Bishop K. P. Yohannan
  6. Life Boat Church, of Rev. P. Sumit Joshi , Life Boat Foundation India [2]
  7. Assembly of Believers' Church In India, of Bishop Rev. Bishop Augustus Anthony
  8. Anglican Church of India, of Bishop Stephen Vattapara
  9. Anglican Catholic Church (Church of India, Pakistan, Burma & Ceylon / CIPBC), of Bishop John Augustine
  10. The Traditional Anglican Church of India, of Bishop Bishop Hepworth and Bishop Samuel. P. Prakash
  11. Anglican National Church of India, of Bishop Jonathan Anzar
  12. United Church of India, of Bishop Sunny Abraham Panachamootil


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