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Belinda Dann (4 July 1900 – 9 October 2007) was an Indigenous Australian born as Quinlyn Warrakoo to an Irish cattle station manager and a Nykina mother.


Born in Lunlungai community, Derby, Western Australia, at the age of 8 she was taken away and sent to Beagle Bay Mission with other members of the stolen generation. Her name was changed to Belinda Boyd to integrate with White society.

She married Mathias Dann in 1918.

In May 2007 she met her 97-year-old brother, Patty Jungine, for the first time. Jungine died a month later in June 2007, and Dann died four months afterward in Port Hedland at age 107.

Dann's funeral in Port Hedland attracted over 200 mourners on Saturday 27 October 2007, and was followed two weeks later by a traditional ceremony at Lunlungaim, where a lock of her hair was buried alongside her mother's grave.[1]


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