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Acquaviva family tree

Belisario Acquaviva, Duca di Nardò (c. 1464 – 24 July 1528[1]) was an Italian nobleman and writer from the Kingdom of Naples. The younger brother of the literary figure Andrea Matteo Acquaviva, Belisario politically opposed his brother, being loyal to the Spaniards. Belisario was hence enabled not only to preserve his own patrimony, but to procure the restitution of his brother's. Like that brother, he applied himself to letters, and left several dissertations, collected since into one volume.[2]

Of this illustrious name were several other members attached to literature. Two dukes of Atri were poets.[2] Both his sons, Giacomo Antonio Acquaviva and Giovanni Battista Acquaviva, served as Bishop of Nardò.[3][4][5]


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