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BTL (Belize Telemedia Limited)
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1972 (Merged with Cable and Wireless Belize in 1987)
Headquarters Belize City, Belize
Key people
Nestor Vasquez, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Products Telephone, Internet
Revenue Increase 22.1 million BZD (2015)
Increase 157.1 million USD (2015)
Number of employees
over 600

Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), is a Belizean telecommunications company headquartered at Saint Thomas Street, Belize. BTL is the largest business, telecommunications and multimedia company operating in the country of Belize with a book value in excess of $300 million BZD. With over 600 skilled and trained employees and 13 branch offices countrywide, BTL is focused on developing, engineering and expanding its state-of-the-art network and technologies. In its aim to provide the best in communications and multimedia services, the company offers universal access and is the only full service provider operating in Belize. BTL offers turnkey solutions for businesses, residences and transient customers while roaming.


BTL began its existence as Cable & Wireless, Plc, a British firm, which in 1956 introduced the first telephone system in Belize with international radio-telephone links. In 1963 the Government of Belize gave Cable & Wireless a license for telecommunications services and in 1972 by Ordinance No. 22, the government established Belize Telecommunications Authority (BTA) as a statutory board with duties to operate, maintain and administer the national telecommunication services, and all other internal and external telecommunication services. On December 13, C&W and BTA merged to form Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL). In May 29th 2007, it changed its name from Belize Telecommunications Limited to Belize Telemedia Limited. The wireless division of BTL is called DigiCell.

Not to be confused with Digicel.

In August 2009, the company was nationalized by the Government of Belize, who appropriated 94% of its shares which were previously controlled by Michael Ashcroft.[1][2]

Board Of Directors[edit]

  1. Nestor Vasquez - Chairman
  2. Anwar Barrow
  3. Colonel George Lovell
  4. Audrey Wallace
  5. Dr. Colin Young
  6. Eric Eusey
  7. Rafael Marin
  8. John Mencias

Executive Committee[edit]

  1. Anwar Barrow - Chairman
  2. Nestor Vasquez - Executive Committee Member
  3. John Mencias - Executive Committee Member

BTL'S Top Management[edit]

  1. Mr. Ivan Tesucum - Ag. Chief Executive Officer
  2. Mr. Jelmer Gulmans- Chief Strategy Officer
  3. Mr. Moshea Smith - Chief Information Officer
  4. Mr. Marlon Johnson - Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
  5. Mrs. Zellie Tillett - Chief Customer Service Officer
  6. Mr. John Burns - Ag. Chief Financial Officer
  7. Mrs. Sonia Ceballos - Chief Technical Officer
  8. Ms. Danalyn Murillo - Ag. Internal Auditor
  9. Mrs. Mary Meighan - General Manager - Sales
  10. Ms. Jolene Avila - General Manager - Human Resources & Administration
  11. Mr. Tomas Marte - General Manager - Network Engineering
  12. Mr. Jose Riveroll - General Manager - Network Operations
  13. Ms. Anaceli Perdomo - General Manager - Service Operations

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