Belknap Crater

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Belknap Crater
Belknap shield volcano with lava flows in foreground
Elevation 6,876 ft (2,096 m) NAVD 88[1]
Belknap Crater is located in Oregon
Belknap Crater
Belknap Crater
Linn County, Oregon, U.S.
Range Cascade Range
Coordinates 44°17′06″N 121°50′32″W / 44.284943458°N 121.842233094°W / 44.284943458; -121.842233094Coordinates: 44°17′06″N 121°50′32″W / 44.284943458°N 121.842233094°W / 44.284943458; -121.842233094[1]
Topo map USGS Mount Washington
Type Shield volcano
Volcanic arc Cascade Volcanic Arc
Last eruption 480 CE[2]

Belknap Crater is a shield volcano in the Cascade Range in the U.S. state of Oregon.[3]

Belknap volcano is a Holocene example of the process which built the High Cascade Platform during the Pleistocene. It is a small shield volcano with a capping cinder cone.[4]

A number of other eruptions also occurred in the general area during roughly the same time period. About 1,300 years ago (1,330 14C years B.P.) a series of small spatter cones formed between Belknap and Blue Lake. North of these, a phreatic explosion blasted out the crater which is today occupied by Blue Lake. To the south are several cinder cones and associated lava flows, including Collier, Four-in-One, and Yapoah cones. Four-in-One Cone has been dated at about 1,900 years old (1,980 14C years B.P.) while Collier is dated at about 1,500 years old (1,600 14C years B.P.)[4]

Notable vents[edit]

Name Elevation Coordinates
Belknap Crater[5] 6,876 ft (2,096 m) 44°17′06″N 121°50′32″W / 44.284943458°N 121.842233094°W / 44.284943458; -121.842233094[1]
Inaccessible Cones[6] 4,869 ft (1,484 m) 44°18′12″N 121°54′23″W / 44.30331°N 121.90649°W / 44.30331; -121.90649
Little Belknap[6] 6,306 ft (1,922 m) 44°16′57″N 121°49′34″W / 44.2826179°N 121.8261628°W / 44.2826179; -121.8261628[7]
South Belknap Cone[6] 5,863 ft (1,787 m) 44°16′03″N 121°50′42″W / 44.26751°N 121.84507°W / 44.26751; -121.84507
Twin Craters[6] 5,285 ft (1,611 m) 44°15′12″N 121°53′09″W / 44.2534523°N 121.8858860°W / 44.2534523; -121.8858860[8]


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