BellSouth Telecommunications

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BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC
FormerlySBT&T Co.
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company
TypePrivate (Subsidiary of AT&T)
PredecessorSouthern Bell
HeadquartersAT&T Midtown Center
Atlanta, Georgia, United States Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Area served
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
Key people
David Scobey, President
ProductsPOTS, DSL
ParentBellSouth (1984–present)
AT&T (2006–present)

BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC was an operating company of AT&T that served the southeastern United States. It consisted of the operations of Southern Bell and South Central Bell.

BellSouth Telecommunications was a subsidiary of BellSouth Corporation which was acquired by AT&T Inc. on December 29, 2006.


BellSouth Telecommunications was formed in 1983 as SBT&T Co.. Incorporated in Georgia in 1983,[1] it replaced the original Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company that was incorporated in New York in 1879. SBT&T Co. and Southern Bell merged on December 31, 1983, and the merged company took the Southern Bell name.

South Central Bell[edit]

South Central Bell Telephone Company served what had been the western portion of the "old" Southern Bell's territory until 1967. In 1983, BellSouth Corporation was formed as the holding company for South Central Bell and the "new" Southern Bell, effectively reuniting most telephone service in the Southeastern United States. South Central Bell was headquartered in (what is now) the AT&T City Center building in Birmingham, Alabama.

BellSouth Services[edit]

BellSouth Services, Inc. was the name of the shared service company formed to provide common functions such as engineering and information technology across the nine state Southern Bell and South Central Bell operating region.

The division was headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama in what is now the AT&T Colonnade North and South buildings.

Operating company merger[edit]

On January 1, 1992, BellSouth merged South Central Bell and BellSouth Services into Southern Bell, creating a single operating company which was renamed BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc., one year after U S WEST had done the same by merging its operations into Mountain Bell which was renamed U S WEST Communications. The merger reconstituted the size of the original Southern Bell before the South Central Bell split-off. BellSouth Telecommunications continued to do business as Southern Bell and South Central Bell until 1995, when BellSouth was adopted as the sole customer-facing brand.

AT&T Midtown Center, BellSouth Telecommunications (d/b/a AT&T Southeast) headquarters, Atlanta


On March 5, 2006, AT&T (SBC after acquiring the original AT&T) announced its intentions to acquire BellSouth Corporation, and on December 29, 2006 BellSouth Telecommunications became an operating company of AT&T[2] The merger also consolidated the ownership of Cingular Wireless, which became AT&T Mobility.

BellSouth Telecommunications ceased doing business under the BellSouth name on June 30, 2007. It now does business under the following names:

  • AT&T Alabama
  • AT&T Florida
  • AT&T Georgia
  • AT&T Kentucky
  • AT&T Louisiana
  • AT&T Mississippi
  • AT&T North Carolina
  • AT&T South Carolina
  • AT&T Southeast
  • AT&T Tennessee

On July 1, 2011, BellSouth Telecommunications was converted into a limited liability company, becoming known as BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC.

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