Bell Circles II

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Bell Circles II
Sapporo Bell, Portland, Oregon.jpg
The bell in 2015
Bell Circles II is located in Portland, Oregon
Bell Circles II
Bell Circles II
Location in Portland, Oregon
Condition"Treatment needed" (1993)
LocationPortland, Oregon, United States
Coordinates45°31′47″N 122°39′44″W / 45.52961°N 122.66232°W / 45.52961; -122.66232Coordinates: 45°31′47″N 122°39′44″W / 45.52961°N 122.66232°W / 45.52961; -122.66232

Bell Circles II, also known as Sapporo Friendship Bell and part of the sound installation by composer Robert Coburn called Bell and Wind Environment (along with Korean Temple Bell),[1] is an outdoor bronze bell by an unknown Japanese artist, housed in a brick and granite pagoda outside the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, United States. The temple bell was presented by the people of Portland's sister city Sapporo, Japan and dedicated in February 1990. It cost $59,000 and was funded through the Convention Center's One Percent for Art program and by private donors. According to the Smithsonian Institution, some residents raised concerns about the bell's religious symbolism and its placement outside a public building. It was surveyed and considered "treatment needed" by the Smithsonian's "Save Outdoor Sculpture!" program in July 1993.[2]

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