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For the area in London of the same name, see Bell Green, London

The northern end of Bell Green Road. Dewis House is the 17-storey block of flats in the background.

Bell Green is predominantly a residential area of in the north east of Coventry, West Midlands, England about 2.5 miles from the city centre. It was once home to over 50 different types of shops but due to the current economic climate and the council charging high rental prices for out of town shopping, there now remains only a handful.

Riley Square[edit]

One of the entrances to Riley Square, and a number 21 bus on Henley Road.

Bell Green has a shopping centre called Riley Square, which has a variety of shops surrounded by flats. There is also a public library and learning centre on the square.[1][2] Bell Green health centre is situated just outside Riley Square. Bell Green is not high in crime but has had some trouble with anti-social behaviour in the past from neighbouring area Wood End.

Dewis House[edit]

Dewis House, a 17-storey block of flats about 51 metres (167 ft) tall, is situated in Riley Square. It was completed in 1965, and contains 94 flats.[3]

Henley College Coventry[edit]

Henley College Coventry, was built in the 1960s and provides education to over 5,000 part-time students and 1,600 full-time students. The college is located on Henley Road, at the edge of Bell Green.[4]


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