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For the now defunct Australian company of the same name, see Robert Holmes à Court.

The Bell Group is a group of companies, service industries and educational institutions in India founded in 1952, by Mr.A.Chelladhurai. Based in Palayamkottai and with many organizations in Sivakasi, the group has also expanded to other regions in Southern India


The name Bell comes from the Tamil word Mani, which was the second name of the founder's mother, Mrs. Nesamani. The company that he first formed under the Bell brand was the Bell Pins Manufacturing company, in Palayankottai in 1952. With almost no competition in the stationery product line during the post-independence period, Bell Pins manufacturing company held brand monopoly nationwide. Laterally, the company had expanded into Standard Fireworks in Sivakasi, which is today the world's largest pyrotechnics company in terms of number of employees (the company has 9000 full-time workers). The Bell brand is today a reputed household name in India. Along with its sister concern, Standard Fireworks, the Bell Group is recognized as one of the leading brands in South-east Asia.

Group of institutions[edit]

Bell School - Palayamkottai
Bell Hotel - Harbour Restaurant, Tuticorin
Bell Hotel - Sivakasi
Bell Hotel - Chennai
Bell Hotels - Madurai
Bell Fireworks - Sivakasi
Bell Villa - Sivakasi
Bell Pins Mfg Co - Tirunelveli
Bell Printers - Sivakasi[1]
Bell Products - Tirunelveli
Bell Graphics - Sivakasi
Chellsons Packaging - Sivakasi


Bell Group does not manufacture tiles and is not to be confused with Bell Ceramics, which is also a reputed South-east Asian ceramic tile manufacturing company.