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Bell Identification B.V., or Bell ID, is a Dutch software company that develops smart token management software,[1][2] including key management, smart card management,[2] EMV data preparation,[3] and host card emulation-based mobile payments software.[4] Bell ID was acquired by Rambus in 2016[5] and in 2019, Visa Inc. acquired Bell ID from Rambus.[6]


Bell ID was formerly known as AND Identification B.V., and changed its name in 2000.[3] The company was founded in 1993[3] to provide ID solutions for governments and enterprises in the Benelux region.[7] In 2004, Bell ID became a privately held company,[8] and established itself in the EMV smart card and mobile payments market.[3] In 2012 Bell ID acquired Ecebs.[1]


In April 2014, Bell ID was awarded by Mondato with the European MFS Innovation of the Year Award[9] and by Contactless Intelligence with a Contactless & Mobile Award in the ecosystem category[10] for Secure Element in the Cloud. In June 2014, the same product received the NFCP award for the next big thing in proximity.[11]


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