Bell Rock (Arizona)

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Bell Rock
Sedona Arizona-27527-6.jpg
Highest point
Elevation4,919 ft (1,499 m)  NGVD 29[1]
Prominence479 ft (146 m) [1]
Coordinates34°48′01″N 111°45′53″W / 34.8002966°N 111.7645987°W / 34.8002966; -111.7645987Coordinates: 34°48′01″N 111°45′53″W / 34.8002966°N 111.7645987°W / 34.8002966; -111.7645987[2]
Bell Rock is located in Arizona
Bell Rock
Bell Rock
LocationYavapai, Arizona, U.S.
Topo mapUSGS Sedona

Bell Rock is a popular tourist attraction just north of the Village of Oak Creek, Arizona, south of Sedona in Yavapai County. With an elevation at its summit of 4,919 feet (1,499 m), it is just west of Courthouse Butte.

Geologically, Bell Rock is a butte, composed of horizontally bedded sedimentary rock of the Permian Supai Formation.[3][4]

Bell Rock (at left), with Courthouse Butte to its right.


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