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Bell and Bowles Museum
BSA Model L.jpg
EstablishedAugust 2015
TypeMotorcycle Collection
DirectorJoshua Nicholas Bell & William Howard Keith Bowles
CuratorWilliam Howard Keith Bowles & Joshua Nicholas Bell

The Bell and Bowles collection is a collection of veteran, vintage and classic motorcycles based in Lincolnshire, England. the collection was founded by the friendly competition between two friends of collecting the most thought provoking motorcycles that led to them developing an interest for the older generation of machines. This has led to the two of them assuming a collection of over 13 motorbikes made from between 1915-1980. It was then decided between the two of them that this collection was sufficient to open a small museum with a small entry fee to go towards the maintenance of the machines.

The museum is currently in the design process and is due to be opened around 2025 to the public in Scamblesby, Lincolnshire, with a much larger collection. However, if contact details can be obtained, the friends are more than happy to display their bikes.

The bikes are maintained by the patriarch of the Bell family, who regularly runs the bikes to keep them in working order. The bikes are regularly taken to local events and sometimes further afield, to the likes of London and Coventry. Four of the Bell and Bowles collection are due to be used at the upcoming Banbury Run 2018.[1]


De Luxe TDC, 1915

BSA Model L, 1924

BSA B25 Round tank, 1925

BSA Model B Deluxe, 1927

Triumph Model N Deluxe, 1928

Triumph CSD combination, 1931

BSA Bantam D1, 1957


Motorcycles currently under restoration:


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