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Bella with White Collar, by Marc Chagall, 1917.

Bella Rosenfeld Chagall (Russian: Бэлла Розенфельд-Шагал, 1895, Vitebsk – September 2, 1944, New York State), was the wife of Marc Chagall and a writer. She was the subject of many of Chagall's paintings including Bella with White Collar in 1917.

Timeline of her biography[edit]

  • 1895 Bella Rosenfeld was born into the wealthy Jewish family of a Vitebsk jeweler.
  • 1909 She met Marc Chagall, at that time, a penniless apprentice of Léon Bakst. According to Marc, their love started the moment they saw each other and continued for 35 years.
  • 1915 they were married and moved to Petrograd.
  • 1916 she gave birth to their daughter Ida.
  • 1918 they returned to Vitebsk
  • 1922 they emigrated to Lithuania and then to Germany.
  • 1924 they moved to Paris.
  • 1939 they moved to the south of France
  • 1941 arrested in Marseille and then fled to the United States
  • September 2, 1944 Bella died from a viral infection
  • 1946 Marc Chagall published her most famous book The Burning Lights.



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