Bella Vista Norte

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Bella Vista
Bella Vista is located in Paraguay
Bella Vista
Bella Vista
Coordinates: 22°7′48″S 56°31′12″W / 22.13000°S 56.52000°W / -22.13000; -56.52000
 • Total6,145

Bella Vista is a border town in northeast of Paraguay, bordering the Brazilian town of Bela Vista, Mato Grosso do Sul. Both towns are divided by the Apa River, only connected by a borderbridge. It is a small town in the northern region of Amambay. Getting there is possible by way of Brazil or over a red earth road from the Paraguayan country-side.


Coordinates: 22°07′S 56°31′W / 22.117°S 56.517°W / -22.117; -56.517