Bellaphon Records

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Bellaphon Records
Founded 1961 (1961)
Founder Branislav Zivanovic
Genre Various
Country of origin Germany
Location Frankfurt
Official website

Bellaphon Records is an independent German record label. Their artists have included Geordie, Limahl, Johnny Cash, Ringo Starr, Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Nektar, Merger, and Ganymed.

Bellaphon were founded in 1961 by Branislav ("Branco") Zivanovic. They are headquartered in Frankfurt. The company runs the labels Bellaphon, Bacillus and L&R. Bellaphon has recorded artists like The Flippers, Franz Lambert, FAHRENHEIT 212, and the Böhse Onkelz.

Death of its founder[edit]

After the death of Branco Zivanovic his widow Jutta Zivanovic-Riedel led the company. Unfortunately she didn't have a good hand for this business and lost the distributed labels and nearly all the artists over the years. Only a few German schlager artists (e.g. Gaby Baginsky, Michael Morgan) and a few international artists (Olivia Newton-John, Graeham Goble) were left to distribute.

During this time the jazz branch of Bellaphon Records with its distributed labels Concord Records and Enja Records MW were highlights of the catalogue.

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