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Bellarmino Camillo Bagatti (November 11, 1905 - October 7, 1990) was a 20th-century Italian archaeologist and Catholic priest of the Franciscan Order.

Among his writings are:

  • Excavations in Nazareth, volume 1, From the Beginning till the XII Century (1971) and volume II, From the 12th century until Today
  • The church from the circumcision: history and archaeology of the Judaeo-Christians.

Bagatti discovered that the town now known as Nazareth was no more than a small hamlet in the 1st century. John Dominic Crossan remarks that looking at the plans drawn up by Bagatti ... one realizes just how small the village actually was.[1]

His thesis of the Church of Zion, Jerusalem (1976) gained the support of Emmanuel Testa but is not generally accepted by the majority of archeologists.


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