Belleville High School-West

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Belleville Township High School-West
4063 Frank Scott Parkway
Belleville, Illinois 62223
United States
School type Public Secondary
Motto Maroon Way: Respectful Responsible and Kind
Opened 1916
School district Belleville Township District 201
Superintendent Jeff Dosier
Principal Rich Mertens
Grades 9–12
Nickname Maroons
Newspaper Hy-News
Yearbook Bellevinois

Belleville Township High School West (also known as Belleville West) is a public comprehensive high school in Belleville, Illinois that is part of Belleville Township High School District 201.


At the school's opening in 1917, there were 389 students enrolled in Belleville Township. The school was accommodated with 17 faculty, 2 buildings, and the curriculum consisted of only 30 courses. Many changes have been made since then. In 1980, Belleville Township High School was now Belleville West and Belleville East. East was built in order to accommodate the growing number of high school students. Belleville West had 2250 students, over 150 faculty, and ten permanent buildings along with some temporary buildings. The curriculum now consisted of 215 courses, which included many interesting courses that have since ceased to exist. There was a typewriting class, which is much like a simplified version of the keyboarding class offered today. A shorthand class, guitar class, and a jewelry design class were some of the interesting courses offered in 1980 that are no longer in the curriculum. No honors courses were offered for foreign language or English classes. Even though honors was offered in history, science, and math classes, no Advanced Placement classes were available for college credit. Juniors could choose between 2 history options for graduation requirements. They could either take one full year of US History or take 4 mini courses (each course being a ten-week-long class). The driver's ed fee in 1980 was only $1; today it is $50. Just by looking at this, you can see how much the times have changed. Belleville West is now located at the new location on Frank Scott Parkway with a complete enclosed campus. The school today has a curriculum with 292 courses and many AP options for multiple subjects. Although a lot has changed in order to meet the requirements of testing such as ACT or PSAE, some aspects of academics have remained the same. Many graduation requirements are the same as they were in 1983, but the new freshman class (Class of 2013) must earn 20.5 credits rather than the usual 19.5.

Belleville West Academics Departments

Career & Technical Education Drivers Education, Health, & Physical Education Mathematics English Science Fine Arts, Music, & World Languages Social Studies Individualized Education


The Maroons, as West teams are known, compete in the Southwestern Conference The sports at West are divided into three separate seasons - held respectively during the Fall, Winter and Spring. Each season has its own individual and team sports which begin with a try-out session and an introductory night of activities and ends with an awards ceremony. A season lasts for approximately 3 months. The sports within a season are organized by teams, usually based on age and athletic ability, with the varsity designation as the highest level. Athletics at Belleville West are governed by the by-laws of the Illinois High School Association.


Fine and performing arts[edit]

Little Theatre is an organization that promotes theatrical events on the Belleville West campus. The group sponsors monthly informational meetings, social events, and a spring honors reception. The theater always puts on a total of five plays per year. These include a fall play, a children's play, a musical, and contest play in the second semester. There is an evening of one-acts every year as well for freshmen and sophomores.

Hy News[edit]

The Belleville West Hy News has been reporting the news of Belleville Township High School and then Belleville West High School for over 80 years. This student publication is a co-curricular activity, produced by its 38-member staff, which includes freshmen through seniors.

Notable alumni[edit]