Belleville Mennonite School

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Belleville Mennonite School
4105 Front Mountain Road
Belleville, Pennsylvania 17004
United States
Coordinates 40°35′28″N 77°43′37″W / 40.5912°N 77.7270°W / 40.5912; -77.7270Coordinates: 40°35′28″N 77°43′37″W / 40.5912°N 77.7270°W / 40.5912; -77.7270
Funding type Private with Public Grants
Opened 1945
Superintendent Starla Fogleman
Principal Glenna Young
Grades Pre-k-12
Enrollment 202
Average class size 16
Hours in school day 8:00 AM to 3:03 PM
Campus type Rural
Color(s) Red and White          
Mascot Thunder

Belleville Mennonite School is located in Belleville, Pennsylvania, USA. It is situated between Stone Mountain and Jack's Mountain. The valley they form is known as Big Valley. Belleville Mennonite is a member of the Mennonite Schools Council and the Association of Christian Schools International.[1]

This private, Christian school is currently run by superintendent Starla Fogleman and Principal Glenna Young. The school educates around 200 students with 20 faculty members.[2]

Belleville Mennonite School underwent a massive rebranding beginning in the 2012-2013 school year. First, the school introduced a new mascot, they became known as the "Belleville Thunder". Later, they began significant changes in their public image by introducing a new website and logo. "The new logo features an infinity symbol and Christian cross encompassed in a ring and outer circle."[3]


The school was founded in 1945 by assimilated Mennonites in order to establish control over the education of their children at a time of school reorganisation. At first, it was considered to be a complete Mennonite school, based on the community's religion. The school is now more diverse and is the largest Christian school in Mifflin county. [4]

Academic standards[edit]

The 2007 PSSA test score results showed that BMS students performed above the national average. Since the class of 2003, approximately 70% of Belleville Mennonite graduates have pursued higher education. [1]

Notable faculty[edit]

  • Joseph Yoder (22 September 1872 - 13 November 1956), educator, musicologist, and writer who taught at the school.[5]


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