The Bellflower Bunnies

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The Bellflower Bunnies
Bellflower Bunnies title card.JPG
The title card for Seasons 2 and 3, with credits imposed over a scene from "Vive la glisse."
Also known as

''La Famille Passiflore (France)
Die Häschenbande (Germany)
La Famiglia Passiflora (Italy)[1]
A Família Cenoura (Portugal)[2]
Tappancs család (Hungary)
Pupu Pitkäkorva (Finland)[3]
De Knuffel Konijntjes (Netherlands)[4]
Rodzina Rabatków (Poland)
까르르 토끼 친구들 (South Korea)[5]
Os Coelhinhos Bellflower (Brazil)[6]

(in Spanish) Los Conejitos Bellflower[7]
Genre Children's animated series
Created by Geneviève Huriet (original book series, Beechwood Bunny Tales)
Directed by Season 1:
Moran Caouissin
Seasons 2 & 3:
Eric Berthier
Voices of See below
Composer(s) Season 1:
Daniel Scott
Valérie Baranski
Seasons 2 & 3:
Alice Willis
Country of origin France
Luxembourg (1st season)
Original language(s) French
No. of seasons 3[8]
No. of episodes 52 [9] (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Entire series:
Patricia Robert
Seasons 2 & 3:
Yves Pont
Franck Algard
Producer(s) Patricia Robert
Editor(s) Season 1:
Graham Chisholm
Robert Newton
Seasons 2 & 3:
Lysanne Villeneuve
Running time 26 min.
Production company(s)

Season 1:
Banco Production
Melusine Productions
TVA International

Seasons 2 & 3:
Big Cash
Hangzhou Flying Dragon Cartoon
Euro Visual
Disney Television France
Distributor Beez Kids, a label of Beez Entertainment (seasons 2 & 3)
Original network TF1 (France)
KI.KA (Germany)
Rai 2 (Italy)[1][10]
RTP Açores (Portugal)[2]
YLE TV2 (Finland)[3]
TVP1 (Poland)
EBS (South Korea)[5]
Al Jazeera Children's Channel (Arab League)
CBC Television (Quebec)
TFO (Ontario)
Picture format 4:3
Audio format Stereo
First shown in France
Original release December 24, 2001 – July 13, 2010

The Bellflower Bunnies (French: La Famille Passiflore) is an animated series based on the Beechwood Bunny Tales book series by Geneviève Huriet. The show debuted on the TF1 network with four episodes airing between December 24 and December 28, 2001.[11] It is a co-production between France's TF1 and several Canadian companies.

The show centers on the adventures and exploits of the Bellflower family, a clan of seven rabbits who live in Beechwood Grove. The two adults in the family, Papa Bramble and Aunt Zinnia, take care of their five children: Periwinkle, Poppy, Mistletoe, Dandelion and Violette.


Early on in its run, the series was produced as a package of four specials by TF1 and its subsidiary, Protécréa, along with TVA International of Montreal and Melusine of Luxembourg;[12] Moran Caouissin, an animator from Disney's DuckTales movie,[13] served as the director. Production of the series began in the fall of 2000, at a cost of over US$2 million,[12] or US$600,000 per episode.[14]

Starting in 2004, later episodes were produced by Euro Visual,[15] Tooncan, Megafun,[16] Big Cash, Dragon Cartoon[17] and Disney Television France. This time, Eric Berthier directed, and Alice Willis composed.


The Bellflower Bunnies has aired on these following stations worldwide:

In April 2008, it was the 19th most-watched children's program in Finland, with audiences averaging 62,000 viewers (as Pupu Pitkäkorva).[19]

Home video and DVD[edit]


At least six DVD volumes of The Bellflower Bunnies have been released by TF1, Beez Entertainment and Seven Sept in the franchise's native France, separately and in a box set.[20] In Germany, edelkids released the first sixteen episodes in February[21] and August 2008.

North America[edit]

Feature Films for Families released the first two volumes of the English version on VHS (in 2001) and DVD (in 2003), as part of a marketing deal with TVA.[12] In 2005, another four DVDs were released under the Direct Source brand. Each disc in this version consists of two episodes.


Fifty-two episodes of The Bellflower Bunnies have been produced over the course of three seasons.[8] and all of these have aired in the show's native France; although episodes 39-52 were first aired on German channel KI.KA in May 2008.[22]

Voice cast[edit]

Season 1[edit]

  • Tom Clarke Hill
  • Regine Candler
  • Tom Eastwood
  • Rhonda Millar - Periwinkle / Violette (Pirouette)
  • Joanna Ruiz Rodriguez

Seasons 2 & 3[edit]

English version[edit]

French version[edit]

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