Bellísima (telenovela)

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Genre Telenovela
Created by Alicia Barrios
Written by Henry Herrera
Valentina Parraga
Daniel Álvarez
Directed by Marcos Reyes Andrade
Arquimedes Rivero
Starring Emma Rabbe
Víctor Cámara
Belén Marrero
Daniel Alvarado
Henry Galue
Opening theme Amor Casual by Wilfrido Vargas
Ending theme Amor Casual by Wilfrido Vargas
Country of origin Venezuela
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 187
Executive producer(s) Raul Fleites
Cinematography Juan de Freitas
Running time 41-44 minutes
Production company(s) Venevisión
Distributor Venevisión International
Original network Venevisión
Original release October 29, 1991 – August 24, 1992
Preceded by Inés Duarte, secretaria
Followed by Macarena

Bellisima is a Venezuelan telenovela written by Alicia Barrios and broadcast on Venevisión in 1991 with a story set in the world of fashion. Emma Rabbe[1] and Víctor Cámara[2] starred as the main protagonists. The series lasted 187 episodes, and was distributed internationally by Venevisión International.


Bellisima takes place in the fascinating world of modeling, which is a chic, elegant, extravagant and sometimes frivolous world.

Ricardo Linares Rincon is the owner of a successful and exclusive modeling agency and a playboy with an easy-going personality. He suddenly meets Gabriella Gruber, an ambitious yet unassuming woman who has recently graduated from a Fashion Design school. Gabriela is ambitious and wants to succeed due to her talent rather than her beauty. The meeting between Ricardo and Gabriela will lead them down a path where an unknown past ties them together.[3][4]


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