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Bello Nock
Bello Nock.jpg
Bello performing on the Wheel of Steel
Occupationcircus performer, daredevil, clown
Bello Nock
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Bello Nock, often known simply as Bello, is an American daredevil clown and circus performer. Nock has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for his highwire walk over a cruise ship.[citation needed] He has performed several stunts in New York City, including rappelling off of Madison Square Garden and hanging from a helicopter over the Statue of Liberty.[1] He has been included in a Time magazine list of "America's Best Artists and Entertainers".[2]

Born in Sarasota, Florida, Nock is a seventh-generation circus performer, a descendant of the family that founded Switzerland's famous Circus Nock in the 18th century.[3]

In 2001 Time magazine included him on a list of "America's Best Artists and Entertainers", as "America's Best Clown".[2] In 2004 the Daily News said that he "might be the greatest athlete ever to set foot in the World's Most Famous Arena"[4] (Madison Square Garden).

Nock appeared on America's Got Talent in 2017; in 2018 his daughter Annaliese reached the second round with an exploding coffin act.[5] In 2019 he took part in Britain's Got Talent: The Champions with his daughter Annaliese.[6] In 2020 he started a YouTube Channel.[7] He is a born-again Christian.[8]


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