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Argyll Hotel, Bellochantuy

Bellochantuy (/ˈbɛlxænti/; Scottish Gaelic: Bealach an t-Suidhe, pronounced [pjalˠ̪əx ənˠ̪ t̪ʰɯjə]) is a small coastal hamlet located on the A83 in Argyll, Scotland around 10 miles north of Campbeltown.

Argyll Hotel Bellochanty became the first mainland building in Britain damaged by enemy action when strafed by a German aircraft.


The origin of the place name Bellochantuy is Bealach an t-Suidhe, Scottish Gaelic for "the pass of the seat".[1] Local folk etymology alleges the meaning of "fairy grove".[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 55°31′N 5°42′W / 55.517°N 5.700°W / 55.517; -5.700