Bellu Cemetery

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Bellu cemetery
RO B Bellu cemetery entrance.jpg
Entrance to Bellu cemetery
Established 1858
Location Șerban Vodă Way, Sector 4, Bucharest
Country Romania
Coordinates 44°24′13.79″N 26°5′59.11″E / 44.4038306°N 26.0997528°E / 44.4038306; 26.0997528Coordinates: 44°24′13.79″N 26°5′59.11″E / 44.4038306°N 26.0997528°E / 44.4038306; 26.0997528
Type Public
Famous graves
Alley of Artists, from left to right: Ion Luca Caragiale, Mihai Eminescu and Mihail Sadoveanu

Șerban Vodă cemetery (commonly known as Bellu cemetery) is the largest and most famous cemetery in Bucharest, Romania.

It is located on a plot of land donated to the local administration by Baron Barbu Bellu. It has been in use since 1858.[1] It has 54 acres and it is one of the most authentic cultural attractions in Bucharest.[2] Bellu Cemetery is the final resting place of just about every great Romanian academic, scientist, artist, writer, musician and poet you can think of, as well as the odd politician. Each has his or her own plot, usually with an accompanying monument.


Everyday 10 AM - 08 PM. On public holidays the visiting hours may differ.

Notable interments[edit]