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Origin Los Angeles, United States
Years active 1998-present
Associated acts
  • Hardly Dangerous
Members Toni Valenta
Lisa Rae Black
Adam Steinberg
Past members Roderick Wilson
Becky Wreck
Chris Russo
Dave Norwoods
Sheri Kaplan
Clint Davidson
Mick Michelbach

Bellylove is a rock band featured on the third season premiere of the hit TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show featured their song "Back to Freedom."[1] The band consists of Lisa Rae Black, Toni Valenta. Their first two EPs were produced and recorded by Mick Michelbach with the help of Roderick Wilson on drums and featured mostly acoustic adult contemporary music. The latter two members joined after their appearance on the popular television show.

Lisa Rae Black, a veteran of the Los Angeles music scene, recruited Valenta after the demise of her project featuring Barbi Von Greif, which was produced by Dave Rouse and Pierre de Beauport of the Rolling Stones' road crew. Before working with Von Greif, Black spent many years playing the Sunset Strip in the band Hardly Dangerous featuring Tomi Rae Hynie (Brown).

After their appearance on Buffy, the girls recruited Clint Davidson and Chris Russo to play some shows locally. The sound of the band has changed over the years and has featured many drummers, such as Becky Wreck of the Lunachicks, Sheri Kaplan (Weinstein) of The Pandoras and Hardly Dangerous, and Adam Steinberg.

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