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Belmont is a neighborhood in East Dallas, Texas. It got its start in 1892, when August Belmont, Jr., acquired the land upon which the Belmont Addition Neighborhood and a portion of the Lower Greenville neighborhood are currently located.[1] The neighborhood's boundaries are Greenville Avenue to the west, Skillman Avenue to the east, Llanno Street to the north, and Belmont Street to the south.[2]

Early history[edit]

Belmont, who purchased the land from Walter Caruth's large holdings,[2] planned to transform the area in to a luxury residential development. In addition to extending an existing streetcar line, Belmont had the lots cleared and elevated for building and also constructed sidewalks and streets. Utilities were also run to the new lots.[1] However, when the lots of the Belmont Addition were ready to be placed on the open market, the crash of 1893 gripped the nation; Belmont was unable to sell the development. The development site was vacant for more than a decade. Hann and Kendall Real Estate Company sold the lots to builders and developers but kept the Belmont Addition name.[1]


The neighborhood mainly consists of a collection of houses constructed in the 1910s and 1920s, and architecture consists of Craftsman bungalows, Prairie four squares, and various 1910-1920s period revival homes.[2]

Belmont Addition Conservation District[edit]

In 2004, the Belmont Addition Conservation District was formed, through the passage of a Dallas City Ordinance, with the intent of preserving the unique character of the neighborhood.[3]


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