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Belmont Club is a weblog that has been in existence since 28 April 2003.[1] The site focuses on current affairs and public policy, often placing an emphasis on military action and foreign policy issues.[2][3] The site's founder and primary contributor is Richard Fernandez, who previously used the pseudonym Wretchard the Cat. Fernandez also maintains a website at Fernandez is of Filipino extraction and holds Australian citizenship. Fernandez' interest in history began at Harvard, where he obtained a Master's degree in Public Policy.[4]

ABC News's The Note reported a survey listing it as the 80th most influential political blog in the blogosphere, in June 2009.[5] Since its founding, the Belmont Club site has generated more than eight million hits as of September 2005.

Wretchard is the name of an imaginary cat, in the words of Fernandez, "the symbol of that entire race of stoic, yet somewhat foolish creatures." [4] Belmont is the name of a suburb Fernandez roomed in while at Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As of 2006, he is a contributor to Pajamas Media.

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