Belmont Park, Exeter

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Belmont Park, Exeter

Belmont Park (also called Belmont Pleasure Grounds) is a public park in Exeter, England provided by Exeter City Council.[1][2][3]


The park is bounded by Belmont Road, Blackboy Road, Gordon Road, Jesmond Road, Grosvener Place and Clifton Hill and is in close proximity to Clifton Hill Sports Centre and Clifton Hill Driving Range.


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Huts in Belmont Park, Exeter

The Newtown Community Association,[2] the Exeter Scrapstore and the Belmont Bowling Club are all located at the park. There is an area for soccer practice or other "kick about" activity, and an area dedicated to half court basketball. Seating is provided and open spaces are available for picnics. There is a large dog-free zone with equipment for younger and older children.[1]


Belmont Park was opened to the public in 1886 as a children's play area and subsequently enlarged for the use of the general public.[1]

Belmont Sensory Garden[edit]

A sensory garden intended especially for the blind is situated at the eastern corner of the park. This aspect of the park was created in 1939 and restored in 2007.[1]


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