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Modern view of the former Belmont mill

Belmontas (originally Belmont) is a suburb of Vilnius. It is located in the area of Rasos, on the right bank of Vilnia River, to the east of Užupis.

Originally a clearing in the woods surrounding the city of Vilna, it belonged to the municipal artillery units, along with the nearby cannon foundry (modern Pūčkoriai). In the 19th century a French emigrant built a flour mill on the spot and named it Belmont, possibly after one of several locations named Belmont in France. Demolished, in recent years the mill was rebuilt as a tourist attraction, a restaurant and a hotel.

Coordinates: 54°40′52″N 25°19′16″E / 54.68111°N 25.32111°E / 54.68111; 25.32111