Belovo, Bulgaria

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The monument of Hristo Botev and the Aleksandar Ivanov — Chapai School
The monument of Hristo Botev and the Aleksandar Ivanov — Chapai School
Coat of arms of Belovo
Coat of arms
Belovo is located in Bulgaria
Location of Belovo, Bulgaria
Coordinates: 42°13′N 24°0′E / 42.217°N 24.000°E / 42.217; 24.000Coordinates: 42°13′N 24°0′E / 42.217°N 24.000°E / 42.217; 24.000
Country Bulgaria
 • Mayor Kostaden Varev
Elevation 320 m (1,050 ft)
Population (15.12.2006)
 • Total 3,966
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal Code 4470
Area code(s) 03581

Belovo (Bulgarian Белово) is a town in South West Bulgaria. It is the seat of Belovo Municipality. It is located in Pazardzhik Province, where the Yadenitza flows into the Maritsa river, at the foot of three mountain ranges (Rila, Rhodopes and Sredna Gora), on the western end of the Thracian Plain.

Belovo town as a municipal center is surrounded by the villages of Akandzhievo, Gabrovitsa, Golyamo Belovo, Dabravite, Menekyovo, Momina Klisura and Sestrimo.

With the construction of the railway line Istanbul — Belovo by Baron Hirsch's company in 1873, Belovo become the most important center of wood and wood processing in the Balkans during the 18th century. Today the international road and the railway from West Europe through Belgrade and Sofia to Istanbul are passing through the town. The Belovo paper mill produces toilet paper and other disposable paper products.

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