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This is the official catalogue of Below Par Records. The list is ordered by release number. Original release dates are within the parentheses.


Cat. # Artist Title Release date Format Other information
PAR01 Various Artists Caddy of the Year 5 April 2001 CD Compilation release.
PAR02 For Amusement Only Where Did We Go Wrong? 1 February 2002 EP release.
PAR03 Various Artists Caddy of the Year 2 1 August 2002 Compilation release.
PAR04 Something with Numbers The Barnicles & Stripes E.p. 9 September 2002 EP release.
PAR05 Last Years Hero Start Over 7 October 2002
PAR06 Various Artists Skunk #1 9 February 2003 Compilation release.
PAR07 Yellowcard The Underdog EP 5 May 2003 EP release.
PAR08 For Amusement Only One for the Team 12 May 2003
PAR09 Various Artists Caddy of the Year 3 8 September 2003 Compilation release.
PAR10 In the Grey Wake the Silent Day 8 September 2003 EP release.
PAR11DVD6 Kisschasy Kisschasy: The Movie September 2006 DVD Video release.
PAR12 Brand New Your Favourite Weapon 29 October 2003
9 February 2004
CD+DVD LP limited edition release.
PAR12 9 February 2004 CD LP release.
PAR13 Kisschasy Darkside / Stay Awake 1 March 2004 EP release.
PAR14 Last Years Hero Tell You When 5 April 2004 LP release.
PAR15 Vaux There Must Be Some Way to Stop Them 1 November 2004
PAR16 Something with Numbers Etiquette 20 September 2004
PAR17 Various Artists Caddy of the Year 4 18 October 2004 Compilation release.
PAR18 The Colour Is Out and About 11 October 2004 EP release.
PAR19 Kisschasy Cara Sposa 4 October 2004
PAR20 MC Lars The Laptop EP March 21, 2005
PAR21 The Matches E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals 25 April 2005 LP release.
PAR22 In the Grey Innocence Is Running Out 24 July 2005
PAR24 Something with Numbers Apple of the Eye (Lay Me Down) 9 September 2006 Single release.
PAR25 Perfect Distraction 7 October 2006 LP release.
PAR25SP CD+DVD LP limited edition release.
PAR27 The Scars Bats! Bats! Bats! 21 June 2007 CD EP release.
PAR28 Soft Tigers Gospel Ambitions 20 October 2007 LP release.
PAR30 The Scare Chivalry 6 October 2007
PAR31 Soft Tigers Mr Ice Cream 22 September 2007 Single release.
PAR32 Jim Ward Quiet 9 February 2008 EP release.
PAR33 Kisschasy Too B or Not Too B 10 May 2008 CD+DVD Compilation release.
PAR34 Something with Numbers Stay with Me Bright Eyes 19 July 2008 CD Single release.
PAR35 Engineering the Soul 6 September 2008 LP release.
PAR35SP CD+DVD LP limited edition release.
PAR111 Brand New Deja Entendu 3 November 2003 CD LP release.
PAR112 Kisschasy Do-Do's & Whoa-Oh's 3 July 2005 Single release.
PAR113 United Paper People 31 July 2005 LP release.
PAR113SP 2xCDs LP limited edition release.
PAR114 Face Without a Name 21 October 2005 CD Single release.
PAR115SP The Shake 25 February 2006 CD+DVD
PAR116 Opinions Won't Keep You Warm at Night 9 June 2007 CD
PAR116A Single limited edition release.
PAR117 Hymns for the Nonbeliever 21 July 2007 LP release.
PAR118 Spray on Pants 10 November 2007 Single release.
PARCDPRO113 United Paper People 2005 LP promo release.
PARPRO002 This Bed 2006 Single promo release.
PARPRO005 Strings and Drums 2008
PARPRO006 Ugly Birds In a Beautiful Cage
PARPRO117 Hymns for the Nonbeliever 2007 LP promo release.

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