Belper Knolle

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Belper Knolle
Belper Knoll Gold-009b.jpg
Country of originSwitzerland
Region, townBelp, Canton of Bern
Source of milkSimmental Cows
Texturehard (gold) or soft (red)
Aging timemin. 3 months
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Fresh Belper Knolle with the packaging
Dry Belper Knolle with the packaging

The Belper Knolle ("Belp Ball") is a Swiss cheese made in the city of Belp, Switzerland.[1]

Made from unpasteurized cow's milk, it can be found in two variants, red or gold depending on its degree of maturation, fresh or dry. A fresh Belper Knolle can be heated to 60 °C and softened in a sort of square-shaped stone before consumption.


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