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Белпошта (in Belarusian)
Белпочта (in Russian)
HeadquartersIndependence Avenue 10, Minsk, Belarus
ServicesPost, parcel service, EMS, delivery, freight forwarding, third-party logistics
OwnerGovernment of Belarus (100%)

Belposhta (Belarusian: Белпошта) is the national postal service of Belarus. It became a member of the Universal Postal Union in 1949.


The development of postal services in Belarus began in ancient times. So, for 885 is the first mention in the Chronicle of the messenger service of the Belarusian land, "Sent to Oleg radzimichy asking..."[1]

In Kievan Rus' there was a special "position" - the prince's messenger. The couriers delivered the order of the prince in various areas of the country. Sometimes the messenger went, and without certificates, special messages memorized.

In 1583, the first in Belarus post road (Warszawa - Białystok - Grodno - Vilnius) introduced a system of tariffs, which operates today in all countries of the world. Shipping determined by the type and origin of its weight.

In 1793, Belarus became part of the Russian Empire, and then mail it is further developed as part of the postal system of the Russian Empire. Postal districts were formed, including Minsk, Vitebsk and Mogilev.

The first telegraph station in Belarus were equipped in 1859 at the Minsk post office and in Bobruisk. Organized the first telegraph line.

Regular transport of mail by rail began in 1871 along the route Minsk - Moscow, Minsk - Rivne, Minsk - Brest, Minsk - Lyubava. Post cars had special racks for storage and sorting mail. The cars were hanging mailboxes to receive messages at train stops.

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