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Belt Line Road is a loop road that traverses 92 miles (148 km) through 16 cities in Dallas County, Texas. Belt Line Road is the outer complete loop which encircles Dallas, in contrast with I-635 which forms an inner loop. Belt Line Road is not designated as a Texas State Loop, but as a local street in each jurisdiction through which it passes. One stretch of the road is designated as FM 1382 and is maintained by the state. No portion of Belt Line Road is a controlled access freeway.


Starting with its origin North Dallas and proceeding in a clockwise direction, Belt Line traverses the following municipalities in Dallas County:

Municipality length
North Dallas 3.21 miles (5.17 km)
Richardson 5.10 miles (8.21 km)
Garland 11.07 miles (17.82 km)
Mesquite 4.78 miles (7.69 km)
Sunnyvale 1.45 miles (2.33 km)
Balch Springs 2.67 miles (4.30 km)
Southeast Dallas 5.24 miles (8.43 km)
Unincorporated Dallas County 5.66 miles (9.11 km)
Wilmer 2.22 miles (3.57 km)
Unincorporated Dallas County 0.57 miles (0.92 km)
Lancaster 6.48 miles (10.43 km)
DeSoto 5.05 miles (8.13 km)
Cedar Hill 4.92 miles (7.92 km)
Southwest Dallas 3.53 miles (5.68 km)
Grand Prairie 7.66 miles (12.33 km)
Irving 11.25 miles (18.11 km)
Coppell 1.62 miles (2.61 km)
Northwest Dallas 1.25 miles (2.01 km)
Carrollton 5.01 miles (8.06 km)
Addison 1.98 miles (3.19 km)

Route description[edit]

Belt Line Road is not a straightforward and continuous loop. As one follows the entire course of Belt Line Road, there are several discontinuities and name variations present that may result in getting lost. Starting with North Dallas and proceeding clockwise the following deviations and turns are noted:

  1. In Richardson, a portion of Belt Line Road is named Main Street from US 75 to Bowser Road. After Bowser Road, Main Street becomes Belt Line again.
  2. In Garland, Belt Line Road becomes First Street from Buckingham Road until the junction of First Street and Broadway Blvd, where the course of Belt Line follows Broadway Blvd. After crossing I-30 in south Garland, where Broadway becomes Belt Line again.
  3. In central Mesquite, shortly after crossing US 80, a short segment of Belt Line is called "Bryan-Belt Line Road"
  4. In south Mesquite, Belt Line Road makes a left turn at a T intersection with Lake June Rd, where Belt Line proceeds southeast towards Balch Springs. Likewise, when proceeding to this T intersection from Balch Springs, to follow the course of Belt Line Road one must make a right turn.
  5. From I-35E in DeSoto, Belt Line Road is also called FM 1382. However, in Cedar Hill, the name "Belt Line" is temporarily lost as FM 1382 starts to head northwest (the name instead follows the original routing of Belt Line Road, some of which was submerged with the creation of Joe Pool Lake). After passing west of Joe Wilson Road, follow the course of FM 1382.
  6. At I-20 in Grand Prairie, the name "Belt Line" re-appears with FM 1382. FM 1382 is continued as part of Belt Line Road until it reaches SH 180-Main Street.
  7. At Jefferson St/SH 180-Main St in central Grand Prairie, until 2009 southbound Belt Line Road followed 8th Street while northbound Belt Line Road followed 9th Street through the middle of Grand Prairie. (9th Street was not originally part of Belt Line; it was added when 8th Street was made one way to alleviate congestion.) A new overpass was opened at this intersection to bypass the wait at the Union Pacific crossing and is a two-way street; however, 8th Street and 9th Street remain a paired coupling to serve local businesses.
  8. At Coppell, to follow Belt Line one must make a right turn at a 4-way intersection with Southwestern Boulevard and Denton Tap Road. Likewise, when proceeding to this intersection from the opposite direction, to follow the course of Belt Line Road one must make a left turn.

Junction list[edit]

Counter clockwise reads down and clockwise reads up. The entire route is located in Dallas County, Texas.

Location Destinations Notes
Balch Springs I-20 (Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway) I-20 exit 482.
Eastgate Drive, Pioneer Road Traffic circle
Lake June Road Northbound traffic must turn right and southbound must turn left
Mesquite SH 352 (Davis Street, Main Street)
US 80
Northwest Drive Broadway Boulevard signage begins just north of here
Garland I-30 I-30 exit 59.
South 1st Street Northbound traffic must turn right and southbound traffic must turn right
SH 66 east (Avenue D) / SH 78 south (Avenue B) – Rowlett South end of SH 78 overlap
SH 78 north (Lavon Drive) / Main Street – Wylie North end of SH 78 overlap
Buckingham Road 1st Street ends and Belt Line Road signage begins
Richardson ATSF Railway Underpass (Tyler Street) Main Street signage begins
US 75 (Central Expressway) Main Street signage ends
Dallas SH 289 (Preston Road)
Addison Dallas North Tollway
Carrollton I-35E (Stemmons Freeway)
President George Bush Turnpike
Coppell Denton Tap Road CCW traffic must turn left and CW traffic must turn right
I-635 (Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway)
Irving SH 114 (John W. Carpenter Freeway)
SH 161 south/President George Bush Turnpike north
SH 183 (Airport Freeway) / SH 356 east (Irving Boulevard) Interchange
Grand Prairie I-30 (Tom Landry Highway) I-30 exit 34.
SH 180 (Main Street) / FM 1382 North end of FM 1382
Spur 303 (Pionner Parkway)
I-20 (Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway)
Dallas Camp Wisdom Road Gap in Belt Line signage on FM 1382
Cedar Hill US 67 (J. Elmer Weaver Freeway)
FM 1382 north CW end of FM 1382 overlap
Desoto I-35E (South R.L. Thornton Freeway, Beckley Avenue) / FM 1382 South end of FM 1382
Lancaster SH 342 (Dallas Avenue)
Wilmer I-45 I-45 exit 270.
Dallas US 175 (C.F. Hawn Freeway)
I-20 (Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway)

Farm to Market Road 1382[edit]

Farm to Market Road 1382
Location: DeSotoGrand Prairie
Length: 18.969 mi[1] (30.528 km)
Existed: 1949[1]–present

FM 1382 is a state highway in Texas that runs from I-35E in DeSoto to SH 180 in Grand Prairie. Most of the highway is part of Belt Line Road, becoming its own route through Cedar Hill around Joe Pool Lake. FM 1382 was designated in 1949 from US 80(now SH 180) southward 4.8 miles to a road intersection. In 1954, FM 1382 extended southeast 6 miles to a county road near Cedar Hill. In 1958, FM 1382 extended 1.7 miles to Belt Line Road in Cedar Hill. In 1972, FM 1382 extended east to IH 35E, replacing FM 1381[2] which started in DeSoto 2.2 miles west of IH-35E. In 1995, FM 1382 became an Urban Road.

Junction list The entire road is in Dallas County.

Location mi km Destinations Notes
DeSoto 0.0 0.0 I-35E / Belt Line Road – Dallas, Waxahachie, Lancaster I-35E exit 414; southern terminus of FM 1382; continues east as Belt Line Road.
Cedar Hill 6.6 10.6 Belt Line Road west – Cedar Hill State Park, Joe Pool Lake South end of Belt Line Road overlap
7.0 11.3 US 67 – Midlothian, Dallas
Grand Prairie 13.5 21.7 I-20 – Fort Worth, Dallas I-20 exit 457; Belt Line Road designation begins.
16.3 26.2 Spur 303 (Pioneer Parkway) to Mountain Creek Lake Bridge
18.9 30.4 SH 180 – Arlington, Dallas Northern terminus of FM 1382
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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