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Belus (Latin) or Belos (Greek: Βῆλος, Bē̂los) was the indifferent classical rendering of the Semitic words bēlu and baʿal ("lord") as a theonym, personal name, and royal title.

Belus may refer to:

In myth and legend[edit]

  • Belus (Assyrian), the Babylonian Marduk as a legendary king of Assyria
  • Belus (Babylonian) or Zeus Belos, alternate name of the Babylonian god Marduk
  • Belus (Egyptian), the Canaanite Baʿal as a legendary king of Egypt
  • Belus (Lydian), a legendary ancestor of Lydia's Heraclid dynasty
  • Belus (Tyre), a legendary king of Tyre in Virgil's Aeneid
  • Baal, a title meaning "lord" in Semitic languages spoken during antiquity; applied to gods
  • Bel (god), in Mesopotamian mythology


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