Belvedere Island

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For the unincorporated community, see Belvedere Island, California.

Coordinates: 37°52′18″N 122°28′07″W / 37.87158°N 122.46849°W / 37.87158; -122.46849

Belvedere Island in 2010

Belvedere Island (formerly, El Potrero de la Punta del Tiburon, Kashow's Island, Peninsula Island, Promontory Island, and Still Island)[1] is a rocky island in Marin County, California which was separated by a marsh from the mainland and has now been linked by two spits. Part of the town of Belvedere, California is located on the island.[2]

Natural history[edit]

There are a variety of flora and fauna represented on Belvedere Island. Presence of herons has been noted for a considerable period of time.[3] Some of the flora are common to nearby Ring Mountain, where a considerable floral biodiversity has been documented. Ring Mountain has also been established to have been a settlement area for early Native American inhabitants of this local area.[4]


The name Kashow's Island honors Israel Kashow who lived on the island.[1]


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