Belvedere Power Station

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Belvedere Power Station
Belvedere Power Station is located in the United Kingdom
Belvedere Power Station
Location of Belvedere Power Station
Country England
Location Greater London
Coordinates 51°30′16″N 0°09′34″E / 51.504406°N 0.159355°E / 51.504406; 0.159355Coordinates: 51°30′16″N 0°09′34″E / 51.504406°N 0.159355°E / 51.504406; 0.159355
Commission date 1962
Operator(s) CEGB
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Oil-fired
grid reference TQ498806

Belvedere Power Station was an oil-burning power station on the Thames at Belvedere, south east London. When built the site was in Kent, later in Greater London.

The riverside site was opposite the Ford plant at Dagenham. The station was opened in 1962 by the Central Electricity Generating Board. A line from the nearby 132kV grid station skirted the Crossness Sewage Works to the 132kV Thames Crossing of the CEGB. This was the Belvedere-Barking/Crowlands circuit. It was decommissioned in the mid 1980s.[clarification needed] The site has been redeveloped as the Isis Reach Industrial Park.[clarification needed]

The station had a capacity of 480MW. It was built in two halves within the same building. The plant was built with unitised plant where the generators each have a dedicated boiler. The first half had four x 60MW units and the second half two x 120MW units. The first half was originally designed to burn coal but it was completed and ran throughout its life on oil as did the second part.

A new generating station, the Belvedere Incinerator has recently been built close to the original site.