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Belville was a product range of the Lego construction toy designed to appeal primarily to girls. First introduced in 1994,[1] the theme included multi-jointed doll-like characters, much larger in scale than the traditional Lego minifig. The sets include larger pieces, often in a pink and purple colour scheme, and depict scenes from fairy tales and fantasy as well as everyday life. Its direct successor is LEGO Friends introduced in 2012, and its direct target is kids (mainly girls).

Other Lego product ranges designed for girls have included Homemaker (1971-1982), Paradisa (1991–1997), Scala (1997–2001) and Friends (2012–present).

General attributes[edit]

Belville bricks tend to have colors not typically found in traditional sets (e.g., pink, purple). Many bricks also have unique features such as embedded glitter.


Belville figures are larger than the minifigure, but their feet can still attach to traditional Lego pieces. The figures have more points of articulation, and more overall detail than traditional minifigures. Some sets include clothing and other fabric accessories for the figures.

2008 sets[edit]

Item # Name Pieces Approx USD Price Figure(s) or Animal(s)
7583 Playful Puppy 83 12.99 dog, puppy
7585 Horse Stable 209 39.99 blonde girl, horse, foal, kitten
7586 Sunshine Home 450 79.99 blonde woman(Liza), brunet man (Thomas), blonde baby (Rose)
7587 Horse Jumping 54 19.99 auburn-haired girl, horse

2005 Hans Christian Andersen sets[edit]

Item # Name Pieces Approx USD Price Figure(s) or Animal(s)
5960 The Mermaid Castle 237 69.99 Three Mermaids and Seashores
5961 The Snow Queen 57 20 Snow Queen, horse, bunny, mouse
5962 The Tinder Box 79 20 witch, dog, frog, bat, spider
5963 The Princess and the Pea 53 19.99 princess, puppy
5964 Thumbelina 47 6 Thumbelina

Other items[edit]

The Lego Group also sold other items under the Belville trademark such as ice cube trays with unique shapes, and purses.

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