Belvoir Terrace Summer Camp

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Belvoir Terrace Summer Camp
Slogan Belvoir offers exciting training in art, acting, music, theater, dance, music and individual sports!
Location Lenox, Massachusetts, US
Coordinates 42°21′54″N 73°17′06″W / 42.365013°N 73.284978°W / 42.365013; -73.284978Coordinates: 42°21′54″N 73°17′06″W / 42.365013°N 73.284978°W / 42.365013; -73.284978
Opened 1954
Operating season June–August

Belvoir Terrace is a performing arts summer camp for girls near Lenox, Massachusetts, US. The camp is used by girls to expand their abilities in theatre, art, music, and dance.


Edna Y. Schwartz created a performing arts summer program for women at Belvoir Terrace in 1954. (Her daughter and granddaughter are the current directors/owners.)

Belvoir Terrace was built by Rotch & Tilden between 1888 and 1890 for Morris K. Jesup. Its landscape was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. In the early 1920s, John Shepherd[disambiguation needed] purchased and renovated the property as a summer retreat.

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